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Annual Report of Manipur State Archives 2001


With a view to establish a State Record Office on the norms as laid down by the National Archives of India, Govt. of India, New Delhi, the Manipur State Archives is established in March, 1982 under the Directorate of Social Welfare, Art & Culture Manipur. Then the Directorate of Art & Culture was bifurcated from the Directorate of Social Welfare, Art & Culture Manipur in the year 1990. Keeping in view with the minimum standard, the Manipur State Archives has been functioning with a skeleton staff of 20 (twenty) numbers in seven functional sections viz. (1) Administration (2) Functional (3) Repairing & Binding (4) Research & Publication (5) Conservation & Rehabilitation (6) Library and (7) Reprography & Micro film etc.


In order to enable the Manipur State Archives to perform its functions more effectively with the approach of new scientific inventions & technology, the need for expansion, development & strengthening of the existing State Archives is felt very much essential. Meanwhile, the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Culture, New Delhi is contemplating about the new initiatives to be taken up for the North-East Region in consultation with the State Government as well as educational and other related institutions operating in the States. The strengthening of the existing State Archives is also one of the areas where the new initiatives need to be evolved. As early as March, 1958, the National Archives of India, Govt. of India, New Delhi, on the recommendations of the National Committee of Archives, laid down a minimum standard which a State Record Office, however small, would be expected to maintain with regard to maintenance, preservation and utilization of records, and the staff to be an independent organization of records, and the staff to be required for the purpose. The status of the state Record Office should be an independent organization and should in no case be tagged with Archaeology, Museum or Library and the main functions should be as follows :- 

i)      to concentrate in a single repository all the non-current records, both confidential and non-confidential of the State Secretariat and the authorities subordinate to it, whether at the Head Quarters or elsewhere, including District, Division and Collectorate and similar records of the High Court and other Courts.

ii)      to house them in a properly equipped building;

iii)     to arrange and classify them on scientific principles;

iv)     to take such measures as are required for their preservation and rehabilitation;

v)     to make them available both to the official and to the non-official use;

vi)     to provide the records with the necessary reference media, such as summary and detailed inventories, hand books etc., and

vii)    to ensure that no Government agency use any of their archives except in accordance with the rules framed for the purpose.

Main activities during the year:

       Installation of new sophisticated machinery/equipments

       Expansion of the Library

       Steps taken to introduce computerisation

       Submission of the Scheme/Project

       Reference media

       Publication programme

       Research and References

       Preservation of records

       Photo duplications

       Acquisition of public records and private papers

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